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Erase and Install - Mostly, it is...

Aug. 22nd, 2008

02:11 pm - Erase and Install

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Well. My move from what was my room to the guest room (Insects. Fun fact from the pest control person: Some of the smaller mice are sufficiently flexible that a linear gap of only 1/8" in height (if they have sufficient traction) is sufficient to provide them access to a space.) is mostly complete. There are still some books, clothes and computer bits here and there, but it's at a stage where if we were to have a guest at short notice, it could be used as a guest room fairly readily.

Speaking of computer bits, that was part of what was behind the reason for attempting to take the cart upstairs. When designing my setup, I wanted low power consumption, quiet, adequate capabilities, an easily repositionable monitor that I could point down at my head while lying on my back or to different heights if I was sitting, reclining etc..., printer/scanner, lots of storage, and reasonable mobility (say from room to room on the same floor, or bed to sofa) (which in my case, meant not having to shut down to move, and a small number of cables to disconnect and reconnect). So I got a high thermal mass steel cart (granted, not as thermally conductive as copper or aluminium, but about as good as marble, which is good enough for pastry - more on this in a future post) with soft wheels and spread the computer components that I could around instead of putting them all in a tower case (enabling mostly passive cooling to suffice), put a UPS on the bottom shelf, got some MDF to fill in the top shelf lip and allow me to clamp the monitor arm to (I was irritated to discover that the monitor tilt range was about 30 degrees short of reaching straight down. The previously listed 180 degrees of tilt was incorrect (granted the current corrected listing of 200 is even more wrong), but having paid the ~60% combined brokerage and duty fees, I wasn't going to send it back) it, put the multifunction on top, and was pretty much okay with it. Three cables (power, network and coaxial - I don't generally use the fax function) to connect and disconnect for moving, lots of room, no need to power off. There are areas where improvements can be made, but I was mostly satisfied. Now though, I believe that the next time I get a cart for this purpose, I will look for one that can be disassembled.

In related news, I recently performed my first erase and install of Mac OS X in recent memory after seven years of archiving and installing from system to system this install gave up. This gave me the opportunity to redistribute my files/usage time differently among the various hard drives for lower power consumption, but was also time consuming given the limited transfer rate of firewire. Anyway, the new install is up and running with the most urgent things configured/reinstalled/imported whatever (antivirus, Mail, keychains, journal, document access). Games, iGetter, iTunes and iPhoto can wait for awhile. Yay for a reliable, smoothly operating, faster system. Boo for the new 'feature' in Safari which tells you that html files are programs and are you sure that you want to download this one, every single time. If someone can tell me how to turn this off I'd be grateful - it doesn't seem to be in preferences anywhere.

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