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Egg rolls - Mostly, it is...

Aug. 26th, 2008

07:46 pm - Egg rolls

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The sweet and flaky kind, like these, that literally translate from Cantonese as egg rolls (as opposed to "egg rolls" that AFAIK should be spring rolls), that go well with ice cream, or chocolate hazelnut spread, or nut butters, that are a distant relation to Pirouline as well as the unfilled European varieties, is one of the foods that I circle back to now and again.

One issue is that most of the commercially available ones are not low in trans fats, and/or come from China, with the attendant spotty quality issues. Exceptions that I've been able to find are often sold in small numbers per box with large amounts of packaging.

So I've been considering the idea of making them at home. Finding a recipe is a bit difficult because various other things called egg rolls appear to be much more commonly cooked. My Mother remembers what she saw in her younger days watching them being made by street vendors, but can't tell me how to make the batter. Developing a recipe on my own, what with my not having much experience cooking flour based things on a hot flat iron, would seem unlikely to succeed. I do however know people with wider experience, some of whom I'm even seeing soon. So I'm going to bring some factory made ones to farthingparty and see whether I might get any hints. Even if I don't, hey, egg rolls. Anyone who already knows how to make them is of course more than welcome to tell me regardless.

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