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Things about which I am pleased - Mostly, it is...

Sep. 15th, 2008

02:53 am - Things about which I am pleased

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Wahoo! The Green Party is in the Leaders' Debate! Not quite as many as the five-way when we had the Bloc, the NDP, the Liberals, the Progressive-Conservatives, and the Reform parties.

One of the nice things about a program, or radio station, or what have you that is trying to be representative of a particular kind of artistic minority is the breadth of what is covered relative to what one might see in a mainstream thing. That is poorly expressed. Let's try again.

Something that I liked a lot about ClipTrip (International) and French Kiss (French) on Much Music (back when they still had hosts and you could still see some of the influence of Moses Znaimer on City TV) was that you'd get a very wide variety of music, of videos, of artists, of genres. Rock, pop, swing, Afrobeat, house, country, punk, jazz, folk, urban, alternative, ska, big band, retro, classical, and more. Newbie independents with a mostly local following, classics from performers with decades of experience and everything in between. Highly produced, expensive and technically polished videos funded by a big label, DIY indie ones, highly experimental ones, ones that were beneficiaries of BravoFACT and community funding.

While I haven't found such a thing on television for awhile, on radio, I'm getting a similar experience from CHOQ-FM 105,1 "la radio des francophones et francophiles de Toronto" and Aboriginal Voices Radio 106.5 Toronto.

With these I know that not all of it is going to be to my taste. A punk cover of Alizée's Moi... Lolita comes to mind. Some of it is stuff that creates and develops new areas in my taste. We'll see how things work out with CBC Radio 2, but I'm optimistic.

People have been talking about politically workable music. I like Parachute Club's Rise Up myself.

Comic book fanfic "The Kids Aren't All Right" by Christine Everhart (vanityfair.com) via Kate Nepveu, that explores some of the Iron Man movie worldview implications.

The CanWest Cabaret Festival looks like a neat set of performances. The multiple stages, audience movement thing doesn't seem to fit with the ticket format except for the songbook series sort of thing though. I've seen something similar work quite well at fFIDA (fringe Fédération International DanceARTS, if I remember correctly. It doesn't exist anymore), but that was with something like eight acts in one evening with stages being set up as other acts performed. It may be that I'm missing something. Hopefully I'll go check out at least some of the acts. Sarah Slean, Kaeja Dance, Melanie Doane, the Kurt Weill songbook and the Leonard Cohen songbook are the first to sparkle at me.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to those who mark it.

Yesterday was the launch for Julie E. Czerneda's Riders of the Storm at bakkaphoenix. I like these things. I may not have much to say at them yet, I'm not close to regulars, though they're at least familiar, but spaces where interesting conversations happen around me are not bad. There was also exciting news about upcoming books, drafts completed, cover art chosen, etc... And of course it was nice to see most of The Coalition Against the Patriarchy + msagara again too.

To be accurate, the title ought to be "Things about which I have been pleased in the last little while" since, for the most part, I don't really feel much about them right now. At the moment, I'm feeling behind on comments and other correspondence. Of one class in particular. This isn't a true substitute, but I'm not sure that I'd be able to figure out good specific supportive responses that I'd allow myself to post, so for the moment, I'm just offering the following to various people on my flist who've been going through stuff: I'm listening. I'm sympathetic. I'm sorry. For the most part I relate and understand. I hope that things get better soon.

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Date:September 15th, 2008 11:24 am (UTC)
You were in my dream last night. We were crawling through medieval bagel ovens on a self-guided tour. It was good, but weird.
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Date:September 15th, 2008 04:21 pm (UTC)
Huh. My knowledge of medieval bagel ovens is minimal. Was it a tour like the ones where you pick up a pamphlet or maybe a tape player at the entrance and get interesting tid-bits when you get to various stations? More the kind where you have a vague idea of the place and go for a wander? The kind where you let yourself in through a window and try and finish before the place opens in the morning?

Lastly - 'crawling through 'sort of rules this out unless interpreting it as 'slowly', but it was a thought under the heading of good but weird so I'm sharing: Touring as bagels? People? Bagel-sized people?
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Date:September 15th, 2008 05:28 pm (UTC)
It was more the kind where you go in for a wander, and we were touring as people, but the ovens were this huge labyrinth of cooking spots. Luckily not turned on.
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