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Eeeeee! Snow! Eeeee! - Mostly, it is...

Oct. 21st, 2008

04:26 pm - Eeeeee! Snow! Eeeee!

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That, warm spiced apple juice, and the fact that a second date for the Sarah Slean Holiday concerts have been announced make my day.

In other news, judging by the cold sweats, the difficulty in staying warm, the intermittent head throbbing, and the stomach discomfort, I appear to be coming down with something.

Oh nostalgia. When I was young there was a show that I saw about four episodes of. It was my introduction to giant transforming mechs, space westerns, and though I didn't know it at the time, the practice of licensing the video of a japanese anime, rewriting, revoicing and recutting it with different characters, a different plot and new music to make it a completely different thing (transformative much anyone?). It had one of the most memorable theme songs of any show I've encountered. By the standards of an adult, I would guess it to be really clumsy and clunky. In English it was called Saber Rider and The Star Sherrifs. I understand that it was Bismarck in Germany. It is coming out on DVD on November 18, and yes, I'm buying it and the soundtrack discs. :P

In Cantonese there is an expression, customarily used in reference to a person whose relationships tend to follow a given pattern, or more seldom, to refer to romances of that description. Roughly translated, it means "single-layer copper cookware" for being quick to warm and quick to cool. I was wondering what english equivalents there might be because I couldn't think of any. For that matter, I'm curious as to how the concept appears in other cultures and languages as well, though here I'm not surprised at my lack of knowledge since outside of english, my depth of familiarity with specific idiomatic expressions drops off precipitously.

In case I don't end up posting tomorrow, happy birthday wishes going to gryphynshadow, whose day it is tomorrow.

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