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Five random things make a post - Mostly, it is...

Nov. 30th, 2007

08:25 pm - Five random things make a post

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1. I am now one of those annoying people who uses a leaf-blower. Albeit an electronic one, and in combination with, rather than in replacement of, rakes and pitchforks. More positively, this signals that I have started composting leaves in the back-yard, saving the fuel and labour needed to transport it to the municipal compost, process it, and once composted, transport it to be sold. Note: If one is in need of a large-ish composter for yard materials and you don't need one that is highly enclosed, may I suggest this one: The Yard Waste Eliminator. It ships in a flat compact box, is light for the volume, easily expandable and slots together without tools. Also if you have a five year old you can build a fort for them to play in before filling it with stuff.

2. Had dinner with a cousin this week. We haven't seen each other in months, which, since we like each other and live/work within ~30 km of each other is silly. Full conversation, good food, walk past people skating, cold clear night, an [looking for a word which means feeling like one has been filled up, in a way that has to do with multiple elements, without overflowing, without an implication of completion or reference to past events, without needing a word after it to say what one has been filled of and that doesn't have implied religious or corporate-speak connections, but does have generally positive ones (for those of you who've had conversations with me with long pauses, this is one of the kinds of things that those contain)] evening.

3. Shelving! Finally had a consultation to get some mobile shelving put into my library. With any luck it'll be in before the equinox and I'll be able to get stuff organised in a way that is less messy looking than the way things are currently and with easier access.

4. I'm going to the One of a Kind Show and Sale. I will have my shampoo! And get to look at lots of pretty pretty things that are mostly not culturally suitable for me to wear or that I am not properly proportioned to wear or even if I were I probably wouldn't buy because they would be just too much work to take care of, or too bold for me to pull off and expensive too, but pretty! I'll probably come back with food, maybe a pen, and my sister's boyfriend (I'm picking him up from his office party on the way home.).

5. A good thing that I've got shelving coming in because I've been buying books again at my favourite place (bakkaphoenix) for such a task. cszego has sold me on some of Jim Butcher's novels. Had some good chatting with the nice people there and a little not so great chatting with an annoying person who said that Battlestar Galactica was for girls.

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