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Friends - Mostly, it is...

Apr. 12th, 2009

01:27 am - Friends

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kattas has been accepted to teachers college, so a he invited a bunch of people out to celebrate this evening. I got something less than two hours of sleep last night, after a long day and not enough sleep the night before either. It could have gone either way, me going or not. I'm glad I did.

The group who made it to the first while was mostly from his LARP group, only one of whom I'd recalled meeting before, and him I'd last seen years ago. I arrived about 30 minutes after things started, or six hours into the conversation, depending on where you started counting from. I've done some tabletop and computer role playing gaming, but much of this conversation involved specifics to their shared experiences, so I had a good excuse to eat my food and gauge people's conversational styles and signals and settle in a bit before doing much active participation beyond referencing related anecdotal material.

After going to one of the party's apartments, conversation opened up with more topics and more simultaneous conversations. People were good about offering hooks and being inclusive in geeky ways. Later on, witchnyn and her housemate joined us, and more fun conversation was had. I left early because we're doing some family stuff tomorrow, but I left with a feeling that there were several people with whom investigation of opportunities for future conversation might be interesting.

It was so nice to finally get back into a sort of fast, free flowing conversation again. Thanks for the invitation kattas.

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