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My brain this week - Mostly, it is...

Apr. 30th, 2009

02:42 am - My brain this week

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1) While pausing to turn on the light at the bathroom, I exhaled. Upon stepping forward, an unconscious associative process whose purpose seems to be providing life with a soundtrack kicked up for my conscious mind's consideration the melody of Cutting Crew's "(I just) Died in your arms" with the phrase "Something died in your mouth tonight". Another unconscious process, the sort of pedantic one that checks accuracy, sent up the note that this statement is highly likely to be true insofar as at least a single bacterium probably did, and in this context the accuracy is not very important; The combination of these two being sufficient for it not to object to the use without verification. A second note followed some minutes later with the observation that the statement would likely be true regardless of detectible odour, but it's less funny if not present.

1.5) Oh brain. This sort of thing is one of the reasons why I like spending my time with you. It also presents a good opportunity to link to Squishy the Neurotransmitter and the related Squishy Climbs The Neuron, mostly to show to kattas that yes, I did not hallucinate that someone (ursulav in this instance) did actually make art of this description.

2) In other news, last week appears to have been a good one for seeing geeky musical comedy in my area, with Flight of the Conchords at Massey Hall on Tuesday and Wednesday and Jonathan Coulton at Lula Lounge on Thursday and Friday. I was at none of these events. From what I've seen of Flight of the Conchords, I don't know that I would find a continuous set the best way to appreciate them. I would have been interested in trying for Jonathan Coulton's had I known about them before they sold out. I'm glad they did though. Had I found out about the shows afterwards and he hadn't I might have felt some guilt.

2.5) I'd been thinking about Flight of the Conchords due to a recommendation by my sister of their song Robots. She called it a song to listen to when finding humanity irritating. I would also say that it suits circumstances when one is finding computers no less irritating in ways that remind you of humanity.

3) My sister is now in "Special Projects" at her office. Which is a fun thing to have on a business card isn't it.

4) Plans to go group tree planting on Saturday were foiled by variously: a family birthday party, a distant afternoon engagement, and cowhunting. So I went to lunch with my Mum and an Aunt. (For whatever reason, in my family, the "ie" falls off the end of "Auntie" unless it's used like Mrs. As in, if pointing her out in a photo, I could say "That's my Aunt S." or "That's Auntie S." but not combine them.) What with the cowhunt, I did wonder whether the guy we saw walking down the street wearing a Monty Python shirt with image of an airborne cow under the words "Fetchez la vâche!" was purely coincidental. Actually I'm not sure whether it was "vâche" or "vache".

5) Happy Birthday Brackett! May you find the growth you are searching for.

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