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Inside Out + Daniel MacIvor - Mostly, it is...

May. 16th, 2009

07:25 am - Inside Out + Daniel MacIvor

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Welcome to new readers mt-champion and xb95.

This post was mostly written Thursday afternoon, but I wanted to finish it before posting. Given reading patterns, I'm just posting it as is rather than posting it using "date out of order".

The 19th annual Inside Out LGBT Film and Video Festival begins today. Out of the six or so times I've gone, barring the first one, I think that this is the one that I've been least prepared for by mid opening day. I only bought a membership this morning, and have yet to get a program book. Mostly since with the uncertainty around swine flu developments I wasn't sure about whether spending large amounts of time in close confines with the ~32,000 people who normally come was something that I was going to want to do.

Even without a program book, there are some that I'm looking forward to already.

With the same lead actors (Megan Fahlenbock and Angela Vint) and writer/director (Alison Reid) as the sharp, slightly science-fictional, lesbian reproductive comedy short film of a few years ago Succubus, there's its sequel: The Baby Formula.

Tori Foster (standing ovation worthy documentary 533 Statements) is back, this time with co-director Alexis Mitchell, presenting Queeropolis Toronto: 1972-2008.

With Cinematheque Ontario, the festival is co-presenting a Daniel MacIvor retrospective, Pasts Imperfect: The Films of Daniel MacIvor. Running from the 22-26th of May, it includes, among others, screenings of MacIvor's Wilby Wonderful and Past Perfect as well as collaborations with Laurie Lynd The Fairy Who Didn't Want To Be A Fairy Anymore and the film adaptation of his powerful play House. Most screenings will be introduced by MacIvor. Director Laurie Lynd and Producer Karen Lee Hall will introduce the combined screening of The Fairy Who Didn't Want To Be A Fairy Anymore/House.

Separate from either series, his play, A Beautiful View, is currently at the Tarragon Theatre with the original cast. Amanda Campbell, someone else with an ellipsis in her journal title, reviews it here. It plays until the 24th of May. Somehow, I must try find time to go despite the tempting programming of Inside Out.

I'm sure that I'll have more I'd like to report over the run of the festival. Whether any of it makes it here will depend on how crazy things get.

Edited for name correction. Sorry Alison.

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