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Fringe... Fringe? Fringe! - Mostly, it is...

Jul. 5th, 2009

07:03 pm - Fringe... Fringe? Fringe!

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So the Toronto Fringe Theatre Festival began on Wednesday (runs until Sunday the 12). At some level I knew this, but somehow I thought that that day would feel longer. Foolish of me, I know, because replenishing my stores of clean clothes, social energy, and get out of the house-ness after a trip very rarely happens that quickly. However, my sister, suffering under different conditions has managed to go, so I have a program guide and some recommendations of things for me to try out.

Among them:

The Silver Stage - Playing at The Bloor Cinema, full length presentations of films and video with live cast on stage shadowing the action and interpreting it in engaging and rewarding ways, audience participation encouraged. Rotating screenings of David Lynch's Blue Velvet, Joss Whedon's Buffy Musical, Repo: A Genetic Opera and Jurassic Park (SIC SEMPER TYRANNOSAURUS REX!)

Out of Character - at the Cat's Eye Lounge, from the people who did Shadow Court at the Fringe in 2005, love and drama in a LARP context.

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