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Pokey - Mostly, it is...

Jul. 28th, 2009

05:24 am - Pokey

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I have been awake now for going on 28 consecutive hours. That being the case, I'm perhaps a bit less alert than one might expect someone to be at close to 5:00 in the morning. But I have a few things I'm going to get out before sleeping, while I have the excuse that I'm too tired to be too self-critical and over-thinky.

I had a pretty good day today, so happy mrissa's birthday to me as well as, slightly belatedly to her.

I got about six errands done today, some of which have been on the list for quite a while now, none of which I was late for, all of which were successfully completed, and none of them involved a significant waste of time. I bought a pair of shoes that are pretty close to what I've been looking for since around 2004. The salesperson at New Balance was friendly and outgoing enough that we had a wider ranging conversation than I would normally expect when I'm shoe shopping. Particularly odd for me was that I was pretty comfortable. I'm considering giving her a contact method and asking her if she'd like to continue in a similar vein in a different context/venue. Really really odd.

Something recent cries out for me to put up the/series of sexuality and gender essays that I've been working on for long and long, but really, for that kind of subject, I still think that I want to have it go up as a personal, satisfying and joyful expression, over a reactive, externally focused, and tightly controlled piece.

I came across an interesting article in either The Globe and Mail or The Toronto Star, about what was described as the first known positive human autoimmune function. IIRC, the study showed that the immune system produces specialized T cells that target fat cells located in dangerous parts of the body (mostly in and around internal organs). There was some mention of implications for people with Type II diabetes and related insulin/chemical energy management conditions, with studies to follow. (Somewhat related: Sorry about the delay sheyrena on the e-mail. I was seeing what arrangements I could make around the VIA strike. With it over, something should be coming soonish.)

Definitely related: On CBC Radio 2 this morning, I heard the following song, by Arianne Moffatt, which is fitting since I've finally decided to go to Montréal for The 67th World Science Fiction Convention: Anticipation. I'm really looking forward to the people, conversation, and a better view of francophone SF. Here's Montréal. Enjoy.

Montréal - Arianne Moffatt
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Date:July 28th, 2009 11:56 am (UTC)
I'm glad you had a happy my birthday.
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