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Canwest Cabaret, day three - Mostly, it is...

Nov. 1st, 2009

04:00 am - Canwest Cabaret, day three

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Okay people, this year, it is indeed fantastic again. Brief thoughts:

There are some people whose involvement with a project is enough to make me at least take a look at it, even if there's nothing else about it that would ordinarily appeal to me. On the strength of Mike Ross' musical direction and performances, his name is now firmly on that list.

The Soulpepper Academy, a group of actors brought to work with The Soulpepper Theatre Company (yeah, okay, so people complain that they may not usually put on the most daring productions) for a year put on four sold out shows of the poetry of e. e. cummings put to song and acting. How's that for daring? A good amount of depth and accompanying whimsy fitting the material very well.

The Leonard Cohen Songbook, The Joni Mitchell Songbook - lovely and novel interpretations of great material by good and excellent performers. Particular standouts include the aformentioned Mike Ross as the musical director for the Cohen, Suba Sankaran as producer of the Mitchell, of course Patricia O'Callaghan doesn't disappoint, Brent Carver (!), I'd somehow forgotten how good he was, Denzal Sinclaire and Elizabeth Shepherd, I hadn't heard before, but I'm certainly going to be looking for them in future, surprise visitor Kurt Swinghammer, who seems to have aged more than I'd have expected since I remember seeing him last, but is a phenomenal guitarist still.

The link for more information and ticket sales is below. There's still one more day...

Canwest Cabaret Festival

(I'll come back and edit this with links for everyone later if you don't feel like googling. Probably Monday)

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