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Ame Henderson's - relay - - Mostly, it is...

Apr. 9th, 2010

06:35 am - Ame Henderson's - relay -

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For the past two evenings, I've gone to see Ame Henderson/Public Recordings production "relay". It's a dance/theatre work that has a lot of potential conceptualizations for different audience members. To me, it invites the audience to think about how social cohesion, communication of memory/experience, consensus forming, joint decision making, and collective behaviours happen, by showing people doing it with their bodies. It's very much a non-narrative piece, but it's not so conceptual that an explanation is needed to get something from it in that general constellation of ideas. As part of this there's some form/convention disrupting participatory stuff in there to assist in getting there. I am very glad to have gone.

Which leads to some frustration actually because I would really like to talk about it with people, share and compare interpretations, relate the experience to different personal histories and conceptual maps, and generally see where this piece leads in a dialogue in contrast to in my own head. But the likely-hood of friends and acquaintances of mine seeing it is quite low. Knowing people who might be interested is one thing, but interested and local, with time to go, with surplus funds to buy a ticket, who I currently relate to well enough to personally recommend that they see this, or of those I don't, who read this journal frequently enough to see this entry before the show closes Saturday, is something else. I'm certainly for quality of friendships over quantity, and I'm not someone who asks for, or wants onerous time investments for maintenance, but it'd be nice to have even a handful who I can have this sort of conversation with who I see more than three times a year.

I'm tired. I hope that this makes sense.

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