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TIFF 2010 - Tuesday - Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale - Mostly, it is...

Sep. 15th, 2010

06:23 am - TIFF 2010 - Tuesday - Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

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Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale You know the Scott Pilgrim promotional phrase "An Epic of Awesome Awesomeness" or something like that? That was what came to mind at various points while I was watching this film. I highly recommend it to those with the right sensibilities. From the description, mrissa and matociquala would likely be interested. Having watched it, I think that kattas will love it. It's a blend of fairy tale, fantasy, horror, adventure, and action. Unusually for me, I'd recommend avoiding spoilers for this one, not even watching the trailer or teasers if you can help it. Because this story, of a clever little boy (6-12?) saving the day had so many moments where my jaw dropped in awe at how they put this or that trope in, or genre movie moment, juxtaposed with this character and sense of wonder, and made it work smoothly, flowing naturally from the buildup of what preceded it, when on the face of it, these things don't go together. What I worry about is that seeing the trailer without the context will damage the experience by misleading the viewer's expectations. What you lose most I think is the little boy. Who is just amazing. I was surprised that he happened to be the director's godson (his big sister's son), because there's a poise and control in the acting that is well above the feel one gets from vaguely comparable Hollywood fare.

I'm so glad I changed my mind and saw this instead of my, initially higher picks.

The director said that it has been selling pretty well at festivals, so it's going to open in theatres in many markets on Christmas Day. He doesn't know which ones specifically. If you're in Toronto though, there are two remaining festival screenings - Thursday at 3:30 PM and Friday at 9:00 PM, both at the AMC Yonge and Dundas 24.

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