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Luminato 2011 - Mostly, it is...

Jun. 19th, 2011

01:21 am - Luminato 2011

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I just came back from seeing Part B of One Thousand and One Nights at, and commissioned for, Luminato (big multidisciplinary art festival in the city, runs about 10 days, this year's major theme is the Arab World). I'm seeing Part A tomorrow. It's a big work, fairly large cast, pretty diverse. A lot of the stories in the Shahrazad cycle are fairly simple, but like many tales of that nature don't suffer a lack of significance just because of the lack of complexity (Just for reminding me of that is something that I'm grateful for. I may not be able to apply it in my writing, but the awareness helps.). One of the running themes of course is different ways in which storytelling, or the stories that people tell, have power, give power, though frequently not enough to keep one from harm. It's definitely a big, ambitious production, not in a showy special effects kind of way, but in a show you and affect you sort of way. There's shared history, and experience, ancient and recent behind it. I don't think that it's entirely successful at it, but it's impressive nonetheless, and I'm really glad for it and Luminato.

A show I'm looking forward to is a double bill of (re)Birth: E.E. Cummings in Song; and Window on Toronto, created by the Soulpepper Academy. I got to see a preview of the former at the Cabaret Festival last Autumn, and came away deeply impressed by Mike Ross. It's closing this Wednesday, which still gives me time to see it. Check out the clip if it seems like the sort of thing you'd like.

There are so many things at this year's Luminato that I'm interested in but I haven't gotten to see, but that's always going to be the case in a city like this one and being a person with broad interests. I could schedule myself to see more, but more is needed than just bum in chair. My head and energy need to work with it too, and it's just not happening at the moment.

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