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She's back :) - Mostly, it is...

Mar. 9th, 2008

04:17 pm - She's back :)

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So according to our paper, by the time yesterday's storm system had finished passing through, it had given us a level of precipitation that was slightly more than half of the total that we'd gotten over the entire winter last year. Good thing my sister had planned to stay in Washington for a couple days after the end of the conference. One of the people who hadn't ended up spending four hours on the plane instead of one-and-a-half. When she arrived called to say "Hi guys. Enjoy the snow. I had to shovel the walkway with my luggage up on a snowbank to get it into my apartment".

This is another way of saying she had a good, useful and lucky wind energy conference.

Slightly related, I also had occasion to be grateful that Christian Cameron's book launch isn't until next weekend. Hopefully the store's bad weather/event trend is down.

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