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Different kinds of warmth - Mostly, it is...

Mar. 9th, 2008

05:50 pm - Different kinds of warmth

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Post that I meant to post earlier.

I had a nice trip in to the bookstore last weekend. leahbobet was wearing her gloves, plural, which I got to see were indeed blue, not green, and they are nice.* After she left to acquire data for her paper, I browsed the shelves and, as usual when she's in the store, had an enjoyable, informative and interesting time with msagara. It turns out that she was at IBM at around the same time as my mother was.

I do wonder what it is like for those people who have the sorts of skills or strength of personality to have fuller conversations with her. Mine usually turn out to have been me mostly nodding or briefly commenting while she relates anecdotes, tells stories or rants (sort of ... in a friendly, intelligent and thought out manner.). I'm not precisely uncomfortable with them. I'm certainly younger, and haven't got the temperament to have had as eventful a time as she'd had even by my age. But I do wonder.

*Speaking of hand warming things, I saw these gloves and thought of ksumnersmith. They could even be portable if she were willing to carry one of these mobile power packs around. Certainly not as nice looking as the ones that she made, and I wouldn't want to bring these on a plane, but probably effective.

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