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Five Random Things make a post - Mostly, it is...

Mar. 21st, 2008

02:26 am - Five Random Things make a post

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Just a couple of things which I thought were amusing.

A video communications program workshop group of students in Rehabilitation Management at Simon Fraser was assigned to produce a video on adaptations needed for people with impaired dexterity. The way they decided to get around not having a prosthetic hand available was to go with a coat hanger. The way they decided to go about having a person walk around town with a coat hanger sticking out of his sleeve was inspired. There's even a reference to kattas's favourite Arrogant Worms song.

Presenting: Dextarrrity

Cue theme from Law and Order
I'd credit who pointed me at it, but I can't remember and I'm in the process of migrating stuff after my computer meltdown so I haven't been bookmarking for attribution the way I normally do.

Dinner conversation:
V takes a bottle of arrabiata sauce out of the cupboard.
Me: I think we've got an open bottle of spaghetti sauce in the fridge. (Arrabiata usually too spicy for me)
V: I haven't made pasta since I got back, so unless you opened it while I was away...
Me: Actually I think it was when Jesse was over the time before last.
M: Is it still okay? That's what a month?
Me: I think it would have been Reading Week, so a month and two weeks.
V: I think I'll have my own.
Me: It seems okay. It's Ragu - it has preservatives.
M, preoccupied: It does?
V and B share a look.
V and B: Yes. Sulphites.

This is funnier if one factors in that V's the one with the stomach of iron, I'm the one who usually wants to buy fresh, organic, no preservatives stuff and M is the one who usually has ingredient labels memorised.

This one isn't because it's amusing, but rather that I think it's pretty well done and topical. It illustrates a couple of easy things one can do to reduce water and energy consumption in a fun and memorable manner. Yes, there are story elements that one doesn't want to encourage, but I doubt that they're taken seriously.

Eric Prydz vs. Pink Floyd - Proper Education

For Toronto people: It's the One of a Kind Show March 20-24 - I intend to spend a day there. Anyone interested in coming along? (I may be going to Evil Dead the Musical Friday night in the company of people in zombie chic, so perhaps not then - though feel free to call me and see if plans have changed.)