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holiday gathering - Mostly, it is...

Jan. 2nd, 2008

09:22 pm - holiday gathering

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So this year, the 28th ended up being the day that my sister and I had friends over for the holidays . Co-incidentally, that was the day that antheiasilva was going to have her friends over. Since there was a fair amount of overlap, antheiasilva not the least of it, we combined them.

While hours of discussion, much anxiety and an unhappy amount of stress were expended in consideration of the various permutations and ettiquette around guests, potential conversations, incidents, interactions or lack therof, order of events, development of the evening, locations for different categories of events, the evening, happily, seems to have come off reasonably well (though V and I being who we are, feel that we will probably never know).

Most of the crowd (all ~16) of them are out of town from each other most of the year, so catching up on things (Elvie in particular getting to see antheiasilva's boy) was an important part of the evening. Equally important was the consumption of quantities of cheese on bread with fruit, particularly the double cream brie and thinly sliced green apple on baguette rounds served lightly toasted, for which we gave heartfelt thanks to Birdy and her visiting Bermudan cousin(who had never seen snow until that day, and was going snowboarding the day after).

Several flavours of Munchkin, S.P.A.N.C. (Space Pirate Amazon Ninja Catgirls) something cthuloid, and some Wii Rabbid games were played and enjoyed/gawked at. A number of guests were introduced to some of Jonathan Coulton's works. A trip out to see the Lindsey Lights was made (www.lindseylights.com >80,000 L.E.D.'s >100,000m of wire, >$42,000 rased for charities, synchronised to music broadcast by low power radio.).

As usual with groups of this size, I wanted to spend more time with a number of people than I got to, but it was good to get the time I had. Since neither V nor I had to abandon the field during the evening, and the oven worked, I'd call it a relief... though I once again had occasion to have mixed feelings about the house that we've moved into.

Conclusion. I should probably like to have social gatherings more often.

Current Mood: mixed