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Marketing? - Mostly, it is...

Nov. 11th, 2007

12:20 am - Marketing?

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So, I saw this ad for laser skin treatment. It is the usual kind of sequence: opening with media coverage, doctor and patient accounts, the logo splash, a spiffy animation of how the thing is supposed to work, all interspersed with eye-catching scenes from media, presumably with the intent of associating the product with appealing attributes from the clips.

I had a few thoughts about this.

I wondered how much they paid to license the movie clips they used. Though these days, it is entirely possible that the companies are both parts of the same conglomerate, so maybe nothing.

I mostly thought that the choice of scenes was... curious. Many involved the use of lasers. The ad is for laser skin treatment - so far so good. Primarily, the device in question was a weapon - not so great.

"Fewer blemishes."
A certain British spy facing bisection from crotch to crown.

"Reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles."
The same spy, though somehow different, cutting a hole in metal plate with his thermodynamically improbable watch.

"Firmer skin with smaller pores."
A dolphin with dorsal laser cannon shooting a sailor.

I suppose that that they might have been trying to go for an association with fun, entertainment and glamour, but I'm not sure that my flexibility for trying to find sensible motives for seemingly strange acts will stretch that far. I mean, I think I even heard a lightsaber in there after I'd stopped watching.

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