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A bit more alone - Mostly, it is...

Apr. 23rd, 2008

05:33 am - A bit more alone

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For the past seven months or so, it has been particularly hard for Mum, and so for me as well. Now as the painful what ifs become what ares, what weres and were nots, I think that some things will get better.

Today my father is leaving to join my mother and help make arrangements. I'm staying behind. There should be someone here to look after my remaining grandparent. My father's 30+ years out of date Cantonese is more useful for the practical side of managing things than my functionally non-existant one. Regardless, I feel like I should be there for emotional support. Staying here I feel a bit useless.

EDIT to add: My apologies for taking more effort to socialise in the past few weeks. I've been wanting more human contact outside of the family, though circumstances being what they are, I've been conscious of the fact that I probably have not been as good company as I might otherwise have been while having it. For those who I've been spending time with, thanks for being there.