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backlog - Mostly, it is...

Apr. 24th, 2008

09:50 pm - backlog

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While I have not cleared my backlog of posts that I've wanted to post, I've finished the ones which are relevant to the most recent one. I did the motivational thing where when one has a task which needs to be completed, telling oneself to do that task only after x other tasks which one might feel less strongly about thereby lending the built up tasks some of the urgency of the new one. This can also be called procrastination or avoidance depending on how well it works. If I understand LJ's "Date out of order" option correctly, the posts I've just put up should not end up flooding the friendslists.

Here are links to the new posts, some of which are friends-locked:

14 December 2007, Issa (Jane Siberry) concert
31 December 2007, Christmas holidays
2 January 2008, holiday gathering
26 February 2008, my Grandmothers
11 April 2008, Raining
12 April 2008, Oh Susanna concert
23 April 2008, A bit more alone

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