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Jul. 5th, 2008

12:06 pm - Youtube

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I sort of wanted my first post Fourth Street post to be about the con. But 4k words and two weeks later and I'm not seeing the end of it yet, so I'm not going to hold up other stuff.

Not liking the Viacom court ruling obviously. I don't really have more to say on it at this second though.

On a related note, timprov's mention of distraction led me to look for something he might find enjoyable. One might reasonably predict that this could result in me being sucked into Youtube for some substantial period of time. One would be right, but I knew the risks going in.

These are videos featuring Tim Minchin, an Australian mostly musical comedian. Seeing as I'm the one writing this, I've categorised different versions of songs together inconsistently. Some are in chronological order, others in order of subjective strength of performance. I'll let you know which. Watching all of the songs in the order given is probably not the best way to approach them. Not embedding was a choice.

And should it be necessary: Ye Olde Stronge and Suggestive Language Warning

Rock 'n' Roll Nerd
At the moment, this is the one that I most admire. Apart from the composition and lyrics being strong, the performance aspect shows me the beginnings of just how much I can learn about vocal on and off beat timing and tone. The show that this is an excerpt from, Sideshow, has alas been cancelled and is unlikely to come out on DVD, more's the pity.

Introductions or opening act

Hello as show opener of Laugh-A-Poolooza 2006

A different version of Hello at the Melbourne Comedy Festival Gala 2007

The opening for his solo show at The Sydney Opera House , which was recorded for his DVD So Live.

A rehearsal of the Laugh-A-Poolooza 2006 theme song with Tim out of costume.

Canvas Bags These are in rough chronological order for purposes of seeing progression, but if you want to see the most polished, just skip to the end

As far as I know, this is the earliest public appearance of the song. It's semi-improvisational at this stage, as one would expect for the Fringe (Edinburgh 2005) Late n Live as the last performance at the end of the festival when everyone's getting a bit punchy from lack of sleep and the sheer wackyness of concentrated unjuried acts. The performance starts at around 3:30. No, I can't explain the shirtlessness.

Here's a performance, again as the closer, from Laugh-A-Poolooza 2006, where he's had time to work up patter for the set-up, and drawn in backing vocalists from the ranks of the other performers.

This time he's solo again on a benefit World Stands Up, the intro starts at about 4:00. There is another performance of the song before Canvas Bags on Sideshow here. Like Canvas Bags, Peace Anthem is a very simple and repetitive song that succeeds (for certain values of 'succeed') on the strength of his performance..

At the Tickled Pink Breast Cancer Fundraiser at Royal Albert Hall One of the better ones.

Yet again it closes. This time it's the Melbourne Comedy Fest Gala 2006 with a choir, brass and pyrotechnics. His performance here is not the best of the lot, but still interesting.

The most produced of the videos, here's the BBC music video version. A number of clever things get done stylistically.

Dark Side: These are in order of how much I like the version, from most to least. Really quite funny, but needs the beats and performance bits to be hit pretty exactly to work.

On Sideshow At around 4:55: "Terribly spooky... ...really... There's darkness 'm tortured, I'm very upset about some stuff. 'm angry 'n depressed 'n sad sometimes." and later "Daddy never came to my ball games... He was always sleeping."

From the Opera House show. The audience involvement didn't mesh quite as well. Probably partly because the crowd was so much larger. Also, the muttering got replaced by him doing a vocal range gag.

On the BBC's Culture Show. Shorter version, and loses quite a bit.

A miscellany

Like many musical performers, Tim does the occasional corporate guest entertainer gig. This one is for JLA, and hence called The JLA Song. And in the age old style of' write about what you're doing', it's a self mocking song about why people should hire him.

In case a you were wondering about the "inflatable boobs" line from JLA, well, this is the song. Performed for the Tickled Pink Cancer Benefit at Royal Albert Hall Inflatable You. Playing with close rhymes in ways that some of his other versions don't.

F Sharp

Nothing can stop us now. Playing with conventional expectations based on format.

I hadn't heard of this gameshow before, but it is a laugh. Tim is a guest, though not really distinguishing himself. It is still funny and thus still here. Never Mind the Buzzcocks S21E10 Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

"This is a song about that feeling I think we all get sometimes. When you feel like you're the smallest doll that a Babushka built." Not Perfect. Strong performance and composition. I'm kind of ambivalent about the lyrics on multiple levels, but it's still a beautiful song.

At the Edinburgh Fringe, Tim and Geraldine Quinn (through whose myspace I find Doctor Who's Assistant and this . Best of Friends isn't bad either.) cover Hallelujah with with wild abandon.

Mitsubishi Colt Something of an arts poem.

Completely unrelated to Tim Minchin is this from Penguincon: GIANT! SINGING! TESLA COILS!. Which ends up being mostly for kattas.

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Date:July 5th, 2008 04:22 pm (UTC)
Thank you thank you THANK YOU for describing what each video is. I get really frustrated when people just put in video links and I can't tell even what general category it is, roughly how long it'll take, etc.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]
Date:July 5th, 2008 05:35 pm (UTC)
Oh hey, you're quite welcome. It seemed like the thing to do when there were so many to choose from that I wouldn't expect them all to be seen at one go. Which reminds me, there are a few that I missed. Editing will probably wait until I get back from the bookstore.
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Date:July 5th, 2008 05:40 pm (UTC)
Exactly! I watched a couple and then went and worked on the book, and then watched one, and then went and had lunch.

But if it had been "watch this or this or this" with just links, I wouldn't have watched any.
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