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Mostly, it is...

I am fascinated by stories, whether in prose, theatre, poetry, song, dance, video or still image (other story media not excluded, but less common).

A FoH person at Fringe and Summerworks.

I've been going to Inside Out, and occasionally TIFF and Hotdocs.

Some of my favourite places are: The Locke and Lillian H. Smith branches of the Toronto Public Library, Edwards Gardens, Bakka-Phoenix Books, The Urbane Cyclist, Good For Her, and my home.

This account is mostly for the purpose of commenting on other people's journals, but that may change, I'm going to experiment on occasion or maybe this is becoming a proper blog.

I'm a often a slow responder to messages (inclusive of e-mails, posts, comments, phone calls and grapevine). This has a highly variable and non-transparent relationship to how significant I consider what I am responding to, so please try not to read into it in that fashion.

Friends: I tend to read journals separately, or, if on my friends page, filtered. I will sometimes use finer grained friendslocks, but the presence of a post that you can't read if you're on my friendslist isn't necessarily about trust - sometimes it is about saying the same thing in different ways to people who read differently. Feel free to friend at random, though I appreciate introductions.

I'm also on Dreamwidth under the same name.